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Comprehensive Dictionary of Contemporary Russian
The Comprehensive Dictionary of the Contemporary Russian languages in four volumes is the largest existing Russian dictionaries (over 180,000 entries). The Dictionary reflects Russian lexis at the turn of the 21st century. It contains both core lexical items and specialist terms, including those that have been adopted by the Russian language in the last few years. Obscene, taboo, and slang words have not been included.

The Dictionary contains words of all the classes that are recognized in the Russian language, word-building prefixes and suffixes, first and last elements of compound words, and multi-word equivalents to single words (such multi-word units are also supplied with a part-of-speech label). The definitions of semantically similar words are written in a uniform manner and the links between lexical meanings and derivational meanings are given detailed treatment. The Dictionary is also the first reference work to present homonyms systematically and in detail.

The Dictionary is intended for philologists, journalists, editors, translators, teachers, arts students, students of Russian as a foreign language, pupils, and all those who wish to know the Russian language better.
版本: 2.4
发行版本: 1
语言: 俄语 ⇒ 俄语
作者: T.F. Yefremova
更新日期: 2008-08-28 / 2008-08-28
词条总数: 133180
大小: 13.23 MB

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