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Universal French-Russian Dictionary
The New French-Russian Dictionary is the most comprehensive French-Russian dictionary currently available on the market. The dictionary contains more than 70,000 entries and 200,000 words and expressions. The Dictionary reflects the French language as spoken today and includes many words and expressions that are ususally labelled as argot or taboo, but are now commonly used in fiction and in the media. The Dictionary is based on the latest French monolingual dictionaries and includes all the words from Petit Robert and Petit Larousse, the best single-volume French dictionaries.

Detailed entries contain idioms and terms, supplied with grammar, style and usage labels. Pronunciation and spelling peculiarities are also indicated wherever required.

The Dictionary is intended for linguists and for all those interested in the French language. This is a companion volume to the Active French-Russian Dictionary by V.G. Gak and J, Triomphe, which was specifically designed for French-speaking students of Russian.
版本: 2.4
发行版本: 1
语言: 法语 ⇒ 俄语
作者: Russkiy Yazyk - Media
更新日期: 2008-09-07 / 2008-09-07
词条总数: 77752
大小: 11.49 MB

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